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Raceway Invited Us Back
Irwindale Raceways of Southern California has invited us back next year, July 1, 2006. Last weekend we were invited as guests to the track, as I'm sure you read, and we had fifty SSR's. Everyone has a year to think about joining us next year and we would love to have you join us, mark the date on your calendar :thumbs :thumbs :thumbs .....

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Get the DVD!!!

Don't forget - DVD order info for this years "Lap of Honor" and Gathering is at:

I understand that there may be cool time-lapse video of us parking at the track!!!

Also, if the crew didn't get Steve Hull's audio very clear, that there is a good possibility that Irwindale may be able to provide a 'recorded' copy! (I ran my camera in video mode during the Lap, and was able to pick up only part of his 'call-in' commentary!)


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