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Something to think about. SSR Club.Com is the host club on July 2nd at Irwindale Speedway. Check it out at:
We need at least 30 SSR's for this event.
Any SSR owner that would like to
come out for this event please let Jesse Ochoa (Redwingflier)
[email protected] know... RSVP no later then June 17, 05.

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Tomorrow Night too...

Two words: Monster Trucks May 21 - Big Foot and all his friends at Irwindale

by Doug Stokes
IRWINDALE, Calif. -- They'll all be here next Saturday night - Big Foot and all of his rowdy friends are coming over to Irwindale to drink a little high octane gasoline, rev up their 3,000 horsepower motors, and crush a few cars this Saturday night.

Snake Bite, Sudden Impact, Kicker, Public Disturbance, Line-X Obsession, and the brand new Natural High Chevrolet SSR truck from California. They'll all be here on Saturday and they're all every old derelict car's worst nightmare. Fans are advised to get their tickets early (calling 626-358-1100 might not be a bad idea for this one).

For the NASCAR oval track fans we've got two good ones on tap too! The Southern California Auto Club Late Models and the King Taco Legends Cars will be giving everyone all kinds chills and of hot roundy-round action on both the tight third mile and the high-bank half.

Not enough show you say, OK - We'll see your Monster Trucks, and raise you a Demolition Derby - Yup, you got in right - Legalized delinquent driving - Crashing, bashing, banging, bumping, maybe a few sparks, and plenty of smoke Heck, we even give the biggest basher of the night a thousand bucks for this one!

Good tickets are still available for this one - but they're going fast!

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Found pictures of Natural High......this has got to be the worst looking paint job....I mean :rolleyes: I think the painter could have used a different scheme (just to be PC).


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