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$$$GMS & Supplier Discounts

GMS = GM out of Stock (Employee pricing) discounts and supplier discounts (4% over GMS pricing) have been available for a few months and in the Western, NY area. GM employee price is approx. 10% off Sticker... a far cry from the old days of big discounts. (Corvettes at one time were 20% markup)

I believe that some people are making much more out of the new engine by trying to make the 6.0 L engine the ONLY way to go or a MUST HAVE option. Don't get me wrong... I think its "great" to have more horsepower for sure but, I don't think that everyone wants or needs sheer horsepower!

If that was the case Chevrolet would only have made the Corvettes with just one engine option over the years instead of offering two or more per model year. I much rather have an SSR with all the options I want, then deal with a base 05 SSR just so I could have the larger engine.

Yes it is a great time to buy! But having an SSR early/first is a price that is worth the extra money for many. Don't expect the 05s to be discounted unless your dealer likes you an awful lot! :lol LOL
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