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Is dealer being honest with about...

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My of 05 came with 03/04 auxilary gauges not the 05 gauges. I was told because my 05 was an eary model that some of them had the older gauges shipped with the car and that they check vin#s before they insatll them at the dealer. Is this true? If they put in the 05 gauges, will they work?
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First Welcome to the SSR Party! Congratulations! :party

Second, the 03/04 gauges will not properly work on the 05. The 05 has one gauge that is different than the 03's and 04's. The entire gauge package needs to be replaced.

Use the search function to search the specifics listed in this forum. A good thread is entitled "2005 Auxilery Gauge Package" or just search gauges. Everyone who has had the wrong gauges installed has had to get them replace. Ask your dealer to get the right gauges and install them, preferablly before you accept delivery. I do not think your dealer is being dishonest. Most dealers really have no idea about the SSR. It is unfortunate the lack of knowledge they have. Thank goodness for this forum and it's true, straight answers.

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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