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Randy is RIGHT

Randy is right. :smash

No question in many folks’ minds the SSr is much more than a toy and not just a MLC, you just have to think out of the box a bit as we did when I went with a buddy last week to order his new C6…. I asked him:

• Where do you put your 3 sets of golf clubs;
• How easy is the C6 to get in and out of (he is an former Olympic skier and you can imagine what his knees and hips are like);
• Don’t you agree the creature comforts of the SSr are more than fine (he did expect automatic temp control);
• What about all the stuff your g.f. insists on bringing for even a weekend at the lake cottage (no way in anything but a small p/u or larger);
• How do you tow your boat (don’t ask me I can only tow one at a time and it's mine);
• Like the C6 it only has two seats but you don’t have to pay extra for the non-manual top;
• Is the new LS2 motored SSr a dog versus most anything on the road;
• Exclusivity…. It is a rare beast despite more than 18,000 made (but not sold) to date…. There are already C6’s all over and the prices are falling;
• Great to drive to work, if you need to, & most clients love to have a ride and then remember you (i.e. good for business?);
• What do you think about the fit and finish (superb, thank you LCC :cheers ); and
• Have you checked things like gas mileage and insurance > not bad at all which make the SSr a practical choice too

Reality check is that the SSr is a far more reasonable beast to own than many of us who bought it just for fun might like to think…. But you do have to deliberate for a moment but really not all that long because the argument is there. :party Particularly now that you can buy a well equipped ‘03/’04 for $35k new with long term no cost financing! :)

Thank you Randy!

drc :seeya

BTW, he ordered an '05 SSr....
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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