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SSRGUY said:
Randy is right. :smash

No question in many folks’ minds the SSr is much more than a toy and not just a MLC, you just have to think out of the box a bit as we did when I went with a buddy last week to order his new C6…. I asked him:

• Where do you put your 3 sets of golf clubs;
• How easy is the C6 to get in and out of (he is an former Olympic skier and you can imagine what his knees and hips are like);
• Don’t you agree the creature comforts of the SSr are more than fine (he did expect automatic temp control);
• What about all the stuff your g.f. insists on bringing for even a weekend at the lake cottage (no way in anything but a small p/u or larger);
• How do you tow your boat (don’t ask me I can only tow one at a time and it's mine);
• Like the C6 it only has two seats but you don’t have to pay extra for the non-manual top;
• Is the new LS2 motored SSr a dog versus most anything on the road;
• Exclusivity…. It is a rare beast despite more than 18,000 made (but not sold) to date…. There are already C6’s all over and the prices are falling;
• Great to drive to work, if you need to, & most clients love to have a ride and then remember you (i.e. good for business?);
• What do you think about the fit and finish (superb, thank you LCC :cheers ); and
• Have you checked things like gas mileage and insurance > not bad at all which make the SSr a practical choice too

Reality check is that the SSr is a far more reasonable beast to own than many of us who bought it just for fun might like to think…. But you do have to deliberate for a moment but really not all that long because the argument is there. :party Particularly now that you can buy a well equipped ‘03/’04 for $35k new with long term no cost financing! :)

Thank you Randy!

drc :seeya

BTW, he ordered an '05 SSr....
:agree :cheers :agree :cheers :agree

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fiftiesnut said:
I don't intend to return it as much as I am determine to have the dealership correct it... my surprise... I found my damaged door panel on a new showroom SSR. They had the courage to tell me that it came from Mischigan that way. I even showed them the soda splatters on it that happened while I owned it.
... I just wished GM reps would read these forums and take action. :nopity
I have been watching your replies with much anguish. I was thinking of responding to all of your past replies but then my comments probably would have taken me into next month. So I thought I would try to concentrate on "some" of your concerns in the above reply. Not knowing anything about the dealership that you are referring to I thought I would furnish you with some of my own personal experiences. In most cases I wouldn’t approve of a dealer swapping/ trading parts from one vehicle to another to rectify a customer issue(s). Most dealers will order a part in hopes that they will receive the replacement part in a timely manner. Sometimes a service department forgets to order a part, or sometimes there is back orders on parts were there may be a supplier shortage. They may also forget to notify the customer properly to relay that information.

There are times when the dealer will want to resolve or satisfy a customer’s complaint immediately. In desperation they might swap out a part when they don’t have any in stock. Thus when very hard-pressed the dealer might resort to swapping your part when they deemed it an emergency or in the best interest to satisfy their customer.

Case in point, I had just bought my wife a new SUV. I only had the vehicle for about 3 weeks. I had just filled the gas tank up and tried to tighten the gas cap. To my surprise the cap would not fasten tight. I then realized driving it could cause an engine service warning light to come on and worse yet, if this condition wasn’t corrected very soon it could cause a safety matter where the gas could spill out. I drove right to the dealership to find out that the service department was already closed. I pleaded to the manager to get me a replacement cap ASAP. He realized that I needed a replacement cap so he immediately stopped what he was doing and told me he would get one off of another SUV in his lot. He said he would replace it when the service department opened up the following day.

I am sure your dealer planned on replacing the damaged door panel as soon as that part came in. Who ever told you that it came in from Michigan that way might have honestly not known that their service department swapped it out.

Ps. Chevrolet Customer complaints should only be used after you and your dealer are unable to resolve your issues. The number is 1-800-222-1020. F.Y.I. There are various GM people that frequently read this forum. They do listen and they endeavor to deal with most if not all the issues that are discussed on this forum.
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