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I don't think the C6 and SSR fans are necessarily the same. I don't expect to convince a true Vette-lover that the SSR is better. I know there is some overlap between the two, but noticed a lot of the disappointed SSR owners on this board were Vette owners. I personally never had an interest in buying a Corvette, but couldn't wait to get my hands on this truck. It is not a Vette!!! And I for one am thankful it's not.

Your comments are well-received here, but I suspect it would be met with disdain on a Corvette forum. Those people knew they were getting a sportster with no room for golf clubs, g.f. stuff, low (hard to egress) seats, and high insurance and fuel costs. They still wanted one.

Most people here could have had either one (and several have or have had both). Generally speaking, I think we love our "Toy". The ones most disappointed thought they were buying a retro truck version of a Corvette.

Let your buddy enjoy his C6, but don't envy him. Travel with him a few times and see which one gets more looks. Just my two cents.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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