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Given the current market of the SSR's there is a certain irony to it. When the SSR's first hit the market all the dealers had a $5000-$15000 MARKET ADJUSTMENT :mad . Now it seems the MARKET is making an ADJUSTMENT of it's own :) . I'm still in the market for an SSR and I'm watching pricing and local inventory closely. 2 weeks ago a local dealer quoted me GMS pricing - $1000 dealer rebate (about $5300 off MSRP). But shortly thereafter I saw better offers on eBay. Now Leach-Wilson is selling an Ultra Violet for $6400 under MSRP. There is also a dealer that has 4 SSR's on eBay. One has an MSRP of about $47,200 with a starting price of $39,999. That's $7200 under MSRP. And chances are that there will be rebates and low interest loans next month if they don't start moving. And they'll be harder to move once the upgraded 2005 SSR hits the market. Could the MARKET ADJUST itself to $10,000 under MSRP. I guess the ironic part is that the dealers who gouged to get the $10,000 over MSRP will now have to give it back! :rant
When Chevy first came out with the prototype SSR they stated that the price would be in the low to mid $30's. Everyone loved it and said that if Chevy built it, they would buy it. But the jump from the low to mid $30's to the mid to high $40's has made sales dead slow.
I'm looking forward to the day I get mine, hopefully when the current rebates are up after Sept 7th GM will offer incentives on the SSR, then I'll make my move!. :flag :lurk :cool

I agree!

I knew they were making too many! Dealers trying to get above MSRP mine included. I told them 6 months from now these will be on the lots and I was correct. How many people are willing to pay $45k for a TWO WHEEL DRIVE pickup? These need to be made all wheel drive so they can be used year round in northern climates.
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