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It felt like the end of The World, but really a tiny problem

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After my big trip back from Atlanta to Austin after I was laid off Friday from my Atlanta assignment, I went out again today in the SSR to tow one of my motorcycles to a bike shop, and suddenly, on the freeway at 60 mph, got an "engine light".

When I came to the end of the ramp at my exit and idled at the light, the idle was VERY rough - so rough that when I took my foot off the brake, the whole truck shuddered as it tried to creep.

Power accelerating was notably reduced. It felt like it was firing on a LOT less than 8 cylinders.

The engine light was constant when idling, and flashing when actually driving on the road. There were occasional backfires, especially on deceleration, but sometimes even at light cruise.

I assumed that somehow I must have lost the spark to multiple cylinders, that's how bad it felt.

I took it in to my Chevy dealer an our later, and prepared for bad news.

Surprise, surprise!

After just 20 minutes, my service advisor returned and said "Ok, it's all fixed and already moved back to the driveway for you to pick it up!"

When I asked what had caused those intensely negative symptoms, I was told that ONE spark plug wire had slipped off its plug a bit, and so was misfiring.

Can you believe it? ONE bad sparkplug wire connection did all that? Makes you realize how precisely tuned modern engines are.

Guess I know where to look if it ever happens again . . .

Jim G
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That happened to my Vette after the first time I took it to a dealer for service.

I can't help but wonder how that wire came off, ever tried to pull one?

Happy driving :thumbs
Maybe when they installed the Supermaxx headers they didn't quite get that one on quite correctly?

Jim G
Hey Jim!

Thank goodness you finally get some GOOD NEWS!

I am so sorry that I wasn't in town to give you a REAL send off, but I hope you know that I really enjoyed meeting you and spending time talking about our two favorite subjects. - SSR's & performance! (You have FORGOTTEN more than I'll ever learn about our toys and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me, and our SSRFANATIC family.)

Miss Daisy runs so much better with your help and that Predator tuner. THANKS!

AND, we'll sure miss you at our Saurday night cruises too.

Good luck, my friend!
Buffy: I really enjoyed meeting both you and Pat, and all your car buddies up there in north metro Atlanta! You guys made me feel so welcome, and eased the pains of being away from home for months.

I really think you and Pat have it made with your "work at home" jobs and idyllic home setting. I'll be thinking of you.

Jim G
Believe me, we thank our lucky stars everyday!

Thanks again!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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