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If your window goes over the weather striping at the top follow Dicktator's instructions on how to adjust the top of the window in. Click this link!1347&parId=3EF39D9F5ADCE5E5!853&o=OneUp But after properly adjusting the window tilt and the window sometime goes over the weather striping the window may need to adjusted forward. I found this out this week on Ron's Yellow Marti Gras Truck. Hold the door handle open when closing the door so that the window will not index "up". Close the door until the window just touches the weather striping. Check the top of the window at the area from where the top splits back about 3 inches.(picture #1) If the top overlaps at all you need to adjust the window forward to just clear the weather stripping. Remove the door panel. Roll the window up. Look inside the hole at the back of the door (pull back the clear cover) (picture #2) where the door lock rod comes out of the door. You will see where the window attaches to the regulator, there is also a round hole in the front where you can see where the window attaches to the regulator. Loosen the bolt at the back and front (picture #3 & #4). There is also a white nylon eccentric (looks like a screw head), use a flat blade screw driver to rotate to move the window forward until the window just clears the weather stripping. Tighten bolts and replace clear cover and door panel. If window still touches weather stripping and "pops" when the window indexes up insert a section of electric extension cord between the window and the weather stripping from were the top meets the windshield to were the top splits. Set the truck outside in the hot sun for a couple of days to reset the weather stripping.
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