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I've got SSR blues

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This is insane....I have a $50k toy sitting in my garage and refuse to use it until Spring...Note to myself: Leave this hell hole called Chicago and move back to SF....oh ya, lose half since my wife would stay behind:banghead :banghead :banghead
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why not split the difference and move to Florida.

78 and sunny today with no snow in the immediate forecast. SSR weather.

I'm with you Brother,

I drove my Black SSR off the lot last Thursday and straight into a garage. Realistically may not use it until Spring too.

Of course I plan on sitting in it alot and getting to know the details. Maybe a couple of short trips on clear days.

I keep telling myself it is a car that needs to be driven so I'm gonna try every chance I get......
:D Spring is a long way out guys. DRIVE IT!!!! There are bound to be a few clear days. Just try to keep it out of the ice and stuff. Those chemicals can really work on a paint job. Here's hoping you northerners get a few clear ones to have as much fun as us southern boys.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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