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Enjoying life as it comes
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April 23-24
Jefferson, Wisconsin
Two day event is one of the largest swap meets in the Wisconsin area
Two days of swap meet, and one day show on Sunday. Although there are no awards at this show, there are a multitude of differant vehicles to veiw. Also has a car corral (for sale cars)area. If you go, bring comfortable walking shoes,because there is a lot of walking.

Jefferson is located about 1 hour north of the Wisconsin/Illinois border on highway 26. Once in Jefferson just follow the signs.

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Hey Fuzzy -
Don't know yet if I can make it to the car show - you going to be showing off the new paint? I have a feeling your buggy won't be hard to spot....

Do you ever get up north of Janesville much?

I am looking forward to seeing the work. Enjoyed the pics too....

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