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I again called Vararam the other day, and got a half hour update on their project to get a suitable Vararam kit for the SSR out to the market.

I am, as I have mentioned before, number 1 on their waiting list for it.

Their designer reminded me that in our last conversation, he had told me that the hangup was the fact that a local “focus group” of hotrodders had condemned the first mounting system Vararam developed as “not sufficiently pretty” for a vehicle like the SSR where looks are VERY important.

Patrick now tells me that he has developed a new mounting system that he thinks has the kind of aesthetics that SSR owners will really like, and that he is waiting for the last of the parts required to get to his shop (intransit).

Once they have the parts, they will mount one and again do the focus group thing.

Then, actual production shipments will follow shortly thereafter.

He told me he would send me the first one as soon as physically able to do so.

He again stated that Vararam’s power improvement numbers would beat the K&N Aircharger numbers, and that beyond gains at peak, there will be larger gains at other rpm points, and particularly at around 2000 rpm. He claims verbally that Vararam has tested the K&N product, and actually found a way to get more power out of it than K&N did.

After this big build-up, I am keen to see actual dyno results, both on Vararm’s own dyno and on MTI’s dyno (where I can see the results firsthand - an often interesting comparison).

Jim G
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