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A few days ago, I reported the rather sensational dyno results I got from the work that Reese and the team at MTI Racing did on my SSR on 8-15 thru 8-17, just before the SSR Homecoming. (see "Jim G gets spectacular dyno results at MTI Racing!" via search button, for details).

I've reposted the graph below that compares:

- My dyno tuned and regeared (4.56) but otherwise stock 04 SSR (Note that the 22% stiffer gearing depresses ALL the dyno results obtained on a Dynojet dyno, as it forces the engine to accelerate all driveline components much faster, diverting more power to overcome moments of inertia of the driveline components)

- My SSR with Supermaxx headers, MTI Dual Shotgun true dual exhaust, Rush filter

- My SSR with above plus LS6 cam

The weather has been ridiculously hot here in Texas, running at or near 100 degrees since I got back from Homecoming.

Today was still very humid, but between 6:30am and 8:00am the conditions were:

Temperature = 71 degrees to 73 degrees (rising)
Pressure = 29.75 to 29.81 (rising)
Wind = calm to 4 mph max crosswind/headwind
Humidity = 84% to 83%
Dew point = 66 degrees to 68 degrees (note how close to temperature!)

The humidity and dew point are far from ideal, but temperature and pressure weren't bad, so I did do some limited road testing.

According to the G-Tech RR onboard accelerometer computer, the SSR is now quicker from 30 mph to 90 mph by 2.02 seconds than it was with just the regearing.

DOES feel like it too.

Progress . . .

Jim G


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