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Jim G really needs to know: 05 with 6-speed really at only 1284 rpm at 60 mph??

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I just fed the 05 gear ratios into my modeling software, and I can't believe I was given the right numbers.

Does an 05 6-speed SSR really only turn 1284 rpm at 60 mph??? If so, that's INSANE for this engine that:
Makes peak torque at 4400 rpm
Makes peak power at 5400 rpm
Redlines at 6500

Is this for real or was I given the wrong ratios?
1st = 2.66
2nd = 1.78
3rd = 1.30
4th = 1.00
5th = 0.74
6th = 0.50
Final drive ratio (stock) = 3.73

Is this is for real, then you can change to a 4.56 rear end and STILL only be doing 1570 at 60 mph, AND still have a 1st gear that goes to 46 mph!

If these ratios are correct, run don't walk to your nearest EXPERIENCED rear axle mechanic and get that 4.56 in there. We are talking 0.66 second off your 0 to 60 time and about the same off your quarter mile time. But most important of all, a truck that actually ACCELERATES in 6th gear.

Seesh. There outght to be a LAW against the kind of abuse that 1284 rpm at 60 on this engine represents. That's breaking its back. And a stock first gear that goes to 57 mph on a vehicle this heavy is laughable.

If you are by nature incredibly conservative, I could understand if you can't bring yourself to go beyond 4.11, but that will STILL get you 4/10ths off the 0 to 60 and 1/4 mile time. You just should NOT use 6th at 60 mph if you have ANY mechanical sensitivity in your heart.

No wonder GM isn't selling more of these. They put cement overshoes onto this baby with that just-shoot-me-and put-me-out-of-my-misery gearing.

By the way, the above quoted numbers are for the vehicle in Bob A's posting that makes more power than stock because of its Supermaxx headers, hi flow cats, aftermarket exhaust, and dyno tune. A STOCK SSR woulkd do proprotionately BETTER in terms of DIFFERENCE in 0 to 60 and 1.4 mile times, because proper gearing has even more impact as the power to weight ratio decreases (on my own 04 SSR with a lower power output than the 05 and with my portly weight, the difference was over a full second).

If you haven' done it, darn it, DO it! There's absolutely NO better way to spend about $850.

The engineers that let that factory gearing out the door should be put up on felony charges.

And this is the last time I sugarcoat it . . .

Jim G
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Jim for you info,
I just drove my stock 05, auto, stock tires, and at 65 MPH, looks like
about 1900 RPMs.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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