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A few days ago I reported that on the way home from The SSR Homecoming, I stopped in Dallas at Brian Koontz's place, and Brian and Lyndon Wester (Lyndon working remote from Alberta, Canada!) installed a new PCM tune for me that Lyndon developed based on the list of mods I gave him that had been applied to my SSR.

My 2004 SSR has:

4.56 rear axle ratio versus stock 3.73
Supermaxx headers with hi-flow cats
MTI Dual Shotgun true dual exhaust
LS6 cam (same cam as used in the 2005 LS2 SSR) with Z06 valvetrain components
25% underdive pulley system (to get engine-attached accessories back to the speed they were at before the gearing change)

Reese at MTI had tuned my SSR on his Dynojet dyno again right after the LS6 cam install back on 8-15 through 8-17, and the SSR ran GREAT all the way from Atlanta to Homecoming in Detroit, and back to Austin, texas - a total of 2500 miles.

Lyndon Wester is the well-known Canadian tuner that has been mentioned here on the board a number of times, and Brian Koontz is one of his U.S. dealers.

Brian tells me that Lyndon does a lot of OEM work for brands of aftermarket equipment that you would recognize if he chose to discuss them (he doesn't). He has a dyno of course, but develops many tuners for people completely remotely, as he did for me. He uses his experience and his engine modeling software to do itl

In my case, I asked him to not only optimize the power and mileage (power taking priority), but also to tone down the torque management to a sensible but non-destructive level.

Well, I have been running his tune for several days now, in far less than ideal conditions (100 degree and very humid days here in Texas since I got back!). I have marvelled at how well the SSR has been running under conditions that would normally make an engine feel kind of sick.

This morning, I went out REALLY early (6:30am) in order to catch some cooler temperature weather before the day got hot. I scored 71 to 73 degree conditions for about an hour and a half before the sun started heating up the oven. Humidity was still bad and dew point was high, but things were at least better. Well, the SSR ran even better!

I have to say guys, if you have been considering getting the Wester treatment, and just wanted to hear from someone who has actually gotten it how it runs: DO IT!

I can't believe how SILKY smooth the engine feels, how strong it feels at low rpm compared to before, and how well it hauls at high rpm. Lyndon also altered the part throttle shift points to more closely resemble the programming on the stock 2005 SSR (downshifts a lot more and much quicker for snappier response)

In a separate posting tonight ("Jim G confirms dyno findings on the road"), I described how after Reese added the LS6 cam and underdrive engine pulley to the Supermaxx headers and dual exhaust already there, and Lyndon did his tune, my SSR now runs 30 to 90 mph 2.02 seconds quicker than it did with only the regearing! That is performance on a different planet than it used to be, and yet it actually feels smooooother than before.

Analysis of what he did shows that he expertly altered things like the Power enrichment modifier, the delay before entering power enrichment, the rpm overirde for power enrichment delay, the spark tables, ETC predicted airflow, part throttle shift points, wide open throttle shift points, and shift times and pressures.

Lyndon and I in fact discussed what the correct new shift points might be on my modified engine, as I now have the LS6 cam, a double row timing chain, and Z06 valvetrain components. I am researching right now, but susupect that I should be able to go to 6500 safely (same as LS2 and Z06 engines), as I have the same valvetrain components, and the block is supposedly identical (checking on that to confirm with a knowledgeable source). In the meantime, Lyndon set the shift points at 6100 for 1st to 2nd and 6250 for the remainder. That's conservative.

I cannot report on mileage yet, as the weather conditions here have not been conducive to a fair test. I am waiting for reasonably normal conditions to return. I will report on fuel mileage in the future!

Those of you who have read my posts for ay length of time know that I insist on pretty good quantitative results before I am impressed. Lyndon's work impresses me and I recommend you consider getting one of his remote tunes. I think you'll like it a lot.

You can call Lyndon at 888-937-8371, or, if you are anywhere near Dallas, Texas, you can call Brian Koontz at 888-873-8012 or 214-693-1011. On the web, do a search on "Wester" and you'll find both Lyndon's website and Brian's website.

Pretty hard to go wrong on this guys.

Jim G
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