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Well, I got laid off way early from my temp assignment in Atlanta (The bank decided to reorganize its IT department, so my project will either not get done at all, or will be outsourced to Accenture or IBM). The good news is that I therefore had to make a quick 1000 mile trip home to Austin, texas, in the SSR. The GREAT news is that the 4.56 gearing, the Supermaxx headers, the MTI Dual Shotgun exhaust, and the MTI dyno tuning really rock on the interstate!

This was the first highway trip I have had the opportunity to make since I got the mods, and boy, am I am glad I did them.

I had done about 6000 miles with the stock gearing and tune, so had a pretty good idea what the SSR felt like at a variety of highway speeds and under different conditions.

The new setup absolutely transforms it, and VERY positively.

At 75 to 78 mph, I am now in an rpm range where I have solid torque and throttle response. In fact, I was having WAY too much fun squirting through traffic without even a downshift being required from the automatic transmission. Just give a small stab on the throttle pedal and GO. And, on-ramps after the gas stops and meal stops were an absolute multi-gear blast. I got lots of double takes from unsuspecting drivers. :)

Unfortunately, I was having so much fun that the gas mileage was not the greatest - only a trip average of just under 19 mpg, whereas my earlier road trips with the stock gearing at the same speeds gave just a bit more than 20. But, I think the entertainment value more than made up for that.

Noise level was just fine, even with my "enthusiastic" MTI Dual Shotgun exhaust. IT's very quiet until you hit the gas to accelerate. Cruising sound level is audible but restful.

The pure engine rpm is absolutely no sound issue at all. It sounds and feels great even at 80 mph at 2900 rpm. (My truck is set up now to shift at 6000)

I also noticed that the ringing noise I get around town disappears after the driveline gets warm on the highway (after about 10 to 15 miles), but returns whenever the truck is again cold. So, something is expanding with heat and eliminating the source of the noise when it does so?

All in all, a very successful transformation.

Jim G

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As always, another wonderful post!

Thanks for the update and glad to hear that no Smokies saw you "playing" with your new found power on the way home! :lol

Drive fast and reckless! :reddevil

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The heat thing

I noticed that after the first real hot day here in the NW, and the black SSR setting in the sun all day, I didn't here any tinks or that rattle I've been hunting.

It rained today, and THEY ARE BAAAAACK! :)

Your ride sounds like a hoot and a half. :thumbs


I've noticed the same thing around town - the regearing always seems to keep the engine in the correct power and torque band. You'll probably get to see it for yourself soon enough on the hills on the outskirts of Austin. And fast passes are done with part throttle rolls instead of having to punch it and kick down gears. It just makes the vehicle feel so much "lighter".
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