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Well it took 19,103 miles, but the inside door handle on my SSR finally failed today.

I got two "warnings" in the 5 minutes prior to the ul;timate failure, when it took 2 tries to get the door open. The 3rd time, it felt obviously borken, and would not open the door.

I did the "Brititsh sports car thing": Rolled down the window, and opened the door by grabbing the outside door handle.

Tomorrow morning, I call my favorite service advisor down at the Chevy dealer and ask him to order the parts for BOTH the driver's door and the passenger's door!

Here are the notes I copied and saved from prior postings by others here on this problem:

Door handle NEW part numbers

The parts ordered to repair my drivers side inside door handle was canceled by GM. Word is they needed to order different parts, as a set, to repair the drivers door and replace the part in the passengers door. The parts were overnited, arrived today, and have been installed.

For the first time in almost 2 months, I can use the inside handle to open my door.

I do not have photo's, but the hinge point on the new ones are more than twice the thickness of the old ones. Still a poor design and will probably break again, but maybe will last longer.

New part numbers were 15841788 and 15841790.

If your inside handle is broken, the dealership can order these parts. They will be shipped. If you are in or near Houston, my dealership is now experienced.

10-24-05 update:

My door handle broke last Wednesday. I called my dealer armed with this thread and told him what was wrong. I also mentioned making sure that I received the correct year door panel. He told me that the door panels no longer need to be replaced to fix this problem. There is now an easy fix kit they can order to correct the issue. He ordered mine and had it the very next day. I asked him about the wait time some of you have and he said the dealers must not be keeping up with TSB's. Sorry guys, but I would make sure your dealerships are ordering the quick fix kit!!

So, is the 10-24-05 still the latest upate on this problem and its solution?

Are the two part numbers: 15841788 and 15841790

Still the correct ones?

Jim G

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drivers door handle

yes your have the correct part numbers--just had mine replaced on 10/13/05
there is a tech bulletin on the door handles--to replace both at the same time
my dealership also showed a part number 15230632 Handle kit @$183.62 in addition to the handle part numbers----Bulletin #05-08-64-026 BD
Hope this helps

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Broken door handle

Hi Jim,

Just ready your post (too late).

My inside driver side door handle broke 10-21-05. Took it to dealer and they said they had to order a complete new door panel. Did so, it was cancelled, ordered again and finally came in and was replaced on 11-2-05. I had cautioned the Service Rep to be sure the door panel was correct year model as although I had not seen your post, I did know that the door panel had been redesigned (I have a 2004). They assured me it was being ordered correctly. They said the original order had been cancelled by GM as dealers were ordering whole door panels for a problem that could be fixed with just a part, but that my problem required a whole door panel replacement.

Well, of course, when I picked up the truck, it had a new model door panel on it.
I pointed this out immediately and the whole Service Dept had to come out to see what I was talking about; none of them had a clue that there was even a difference.

Anyway, I told them I wanted either the original model on that door or a new one for the right side door. I wanted them to match; either way. :ssr
They said they would check with their GM rep to see if this would be done.

I learned that it is not GM policy to replace both doors when this happens as the door has not been changed in color, grain, etc and is an improvement and other original model has been discontinued. (Marc NY got this info for me).

Anyway, surprisingly, my dealer called me the next day and said they were ordering a new right side door panel and would call me when it is in!
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