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For those who do not yet know it, last year I completed an e-book called "The SSR Experience". The book is a complete guide to choosing, buying, living with, and modifying an SSR. It runs 320 pages of strong, no fluff content. The book is beautifully illustrated with 113 very high quality digital photos, plus 21 graphs, charts, dyno curves, and G-Tech screen shots - most of them also in full color. All dyno curves and G-Tech screen shots are fully explained. This book is THE (and ONLY!) definitive guide to selecting, owning, and modifying an SSR.

It has been "published" as an e-book in order to both make it financially feasible and to get it into everyone's hands as soon as possible. It is sent out in Adobe Acrobat format, so that virtually anyone's computer can open it. Most computers have Acrobat already, but for those that do not, Adobe Acrobat Reader software is available FREE from Adobe, and instructions on where to get it are included with your e-copy of the book.

The Table of Contents is:

Chapter 1: What In The World IS the SSR Supposed To Be?
Chapter 2: Important Aspects in How The SSR Was Engineered for Production
Chapter 3: Reasons to Buy an SSR
Chapter 4: Reasons to NOT to Buy an SSR
Chapter 5: Which Model Year? 03/04 or 05/06?
Chapter 6: Differences & Similarities Between 03/04s and the 05/06s
Chapter 7: What to Look for When Buying Either New or Used
Chapter 8: The Special Situation of Trading an 03/04 on an 05/06 Model
Chapter 9: Understanding, & Living With, The Quirks
Chapter 10: Working As a Team With GM & Your Chevrolet Dealership
Chapter 11: Keep it Stock, or Modify It?
Chapter 12: The Range of Potential Modifications, & Their Practicality, REAL Effectiveness, & Rough Costs
Chapter 13: Working As a Team With Your Speed Shop & Custom Tuner
Chapter 14: Simple & (Usually) Reversible Modifications
Chapter 15: Moderate and Practically Non-reversible Modifications
Chapter 16: Major Modifications
Chapter 17: Understanding the SSR's Onboard Computer & Its Agenda
Chapter 18: Dyno Data
Chapter 19: Actual Street Performance Data
Chapter 20: The importance of Staying Connected With Other SSR Owners

Cost is $30. You can buy one of 2 ways:

1. Go to, select "send money", and send $30 to my PayPal account:
[email protected]

Be sure to use the notes field to include the email address to which you want the e-book sent!


2. Send a $30 check by mail to:
James Gnitecki
724 County Road 407
Spicewood, TX 78669

Again, be sure to include the email address to which you want the e-book sent!

I continue to provide lots of free information in my postings on the board, but the book allowed me to provide WAY more information and detail on each subject, in a well organized manner, that builds towards logical conclusions. It also allows you to get detailed answers right away without waiting for a relevant post.

For those who like to preview a book, send me an email and I'll send you a free 30 page sampling of the content that will give you a taste for both the tone and the level of detail.

Note that the sample is in Microsoft Word format, and is a large attachment - about 2.9 MB. The actual e-book is not much larger at 5.1 MB, because it was converted by my friend Dan O'Toole (a fellow Fanatic on this board), into COMPRESSED Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf format. Note also that the actual e-book can be opened on virtually every computer, since almost every computer has Adobe Acrobat Reader on it, since the software is free.

Jim G
[email protected]
Tel. 612-270-7645
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