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Here are photos of the MTI Dual Shotgun Exhaust system that I raved about in my recent post about the performance I got after MTI installed this system along with Supermaxx headers, Rush filter, and VCM tuning by Reese.

This is a custom designed system that Reese at MTI speced out and created for my SSR.

Unlike the Corsa Performance or Magnaflow systems, this is a true catback DUAL exhaust system. The only place the two banks of cylinders share one pipe is the deliberate short "crossover" that Reese designed as part of the system, to get the low rpm torque needed to propel a 4750 lb vehicle. There are TWO separate mufflers, not one as in the Corsa and the Magnaflow.

The entire system is stainless steel. But, in addition, it has been coated with ALU ZINC, an aluminum - zinc spray coating that is designed to prevent corrosion at the WELDS, which would otherwise be a weak point. Since it would look dumb to coat only the welds, Reese coated the ENTIRE system except the Dynatech mufflers. ALU Zinc by the way costs about $27 per spray can (same size spray can as paint you buy in a hardware store).

As you can see, this system looks GREAT. Not only are the components top quality, but the workmanship on the routing, fitting, and installation are just exceptional. Check out the photos a bit. VERY clean install.

The name comes from the sinister appearance of the two Dynatech muffflers placed side by side, between the driveshaft and the passenger side frame rail. The whole asembly from the factory type catback joint to the rear ends of the 2 mufflers can't help but remind you of a VERY large guage side by side shotgun.

By the way, the entire innards of those two mufflers are stainless steel, and as you can see, they are tiny compared to the stock muffler, but do an AMAZING job of keeping the SSR astonishingly quiet until you WANT the sound. Reese didn't think of weighing the two mufflers before he installed them, but tonight we weighed the STOCK muffler he took out. That ugly bulbuous muffler is much larger than the 2 Dynatechs, and weighs 20.25 lb by itself!

With the entire bottom of the SSR chassis being so consistently flat black (except the huge diameter aluminum driveshaft), the exhaust system absolutely hits you right in the face with its obvious presence.

Most important of all, the system sounds great and works even better. If you have read my posting on "MTI Delivers", you know that this system plus Dynatech Supermaxx headers, plus Rush filter, and Reese's first pass at a custom VCM program, produced an AVERAGE 30 hp gain across the entire measured range from 3600 rpm to 5800 rpm, and an average torque gain of 33 ft lb, with several points where the gain was over 40 ft lb.

A number of SSRfanatic board members heard the system live last Sunday at the Atlanta gathering, and when Buffy did an informal exhaust sound contest, this was delcared the winner! :) This system really makes the SSR sound like a true hot rod, BUT does so only when you WANT it to. At idle, it sounds great OUTside the vehicle, but is barely loticeable INside - until you blip the throttle.

Reese has told me that IF enough SSR owners express interest in getting this system, either installed on-site by he and his team (best) or as a kit to be installed by your own installer, he will make it available as an MTI standard product. So, if you like what you have seen and read here about it, give him a call to let him know (770-919-7774).

Jim G


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More of Jim G's pearls of wisdom....

Jim this project is one continuing program I find myself waiting for a report on a daily basis. More pearls tonight on the exhaust system. A clean, and professional install which we can appreciate, admire, and mostly covet.

I hope you can stay on top of the Rush filter situation as Reese can no doubt sell a dozen of them if he had them. Just give me a number in that filter customer line as I'm not spending money on something that is not performer and you seem to have found one.

Thanxx again for the info, and for keeping us drooling until the next daily report.


Peace :flag
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