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Jim G's "summer vacation" - Day 1

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After my brief adventure at Santa Fe Chevrolet, my "summer vacation" resumed quickly yesteday!

When contract IT project managers are unemployed, we "vacation" using the saved up Hilton and Marriott points from all that national travel! Since I had about 250,000 Hilton points, I arranged for a free stay at the Homewood Suite by Hilton, owned and operated by the local Indian tribe at The Pueblo of Pojoaque, NM. It is located just north of Santa Fe, and only about 75 miles from Taos Ski Area and maybe 90 miles from Angel Fire Ski Area, and has its own attached golf course.

The hotel is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. It is almost brand new, and the tribe went over the top in terms of quality interior design and materials. It has a very well executed southwestern / native Indian culture theme. My one bedroom suite is 825 sq ft, and is an absolutely perfect place to think outside the box and think big.

I arrived in Santa Fe around 11am Independence Day, checked into my hotel, exchanged the ailing SSR for a free loaner Trailblazer at Santa Fe Chevrolet (see my separate posting "Jim G rescued by Santa Fe Chevrolet"), and drove 90 miles to the ski lift at Taos. That lift starts at around 9000 feet and rsies to 11,800 or so.

So, as requested, here are photos of my first vacation day. Check out the wire frame a few feet above the shed in the 4th photo. That wire frame is so that the crews can FIND the shed in the deep winter snows at 11,800 feet.

Jim G


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I spent a good part of my 30's and early 40's back packing the area around Durango CO - love those mountains!!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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