I believe we have all heard of the possible issues when jump starting the SSR from the wrong location.
Personally I would recommend a recharge over a jump start but that is not always possible.
Jump starting from the wrong location can result in damage to the vehicle's electrical system and/or personal injury.
See post #2
FYI- JUMP Start post wire>>>

While you may know the correct location, you never know when or where a situation may occur that requires a jump start. I think the owner was not present to warn the person of the proper location in most of the issues that developed from jump starting in the wrong location. I will probably do more of my own repairs than many members but because who knows what can happen, I have installed one of these on my car. If you leave your car for repairs, either a service or body shop, you don't need a result like this.

So to help prevent this from occurring I have designed and had a supply of these caution stickers printed up. These are made with a gloss finish in outdoor rated vinyl. They are designed to go on the underhood fuse box INNER cover. It will not be seen until someone removes the outer cover, trying to gain access to the incorrect terminals. Simply remove the outer cover, clean the inner cover surface with denatured alcohol and attach the sticker.

The price is $5 each (lower 48 states, others will be slightly higher) that includes postage and handling

I can do paypal or wait for a check -- your choice -- send me a conversation for my information and provide your mailing address.
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