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On June 5th I will be heading to Springfield, Illinois to catch part of the Power Tour.

From my house (St. Peters, Mo) to Springfield, IL it is about 120 miles. I will be leaving my house around 8:30 AM.

If anyone west of St. Peters is thinking of going but does not want to drive for hours Sunday morning to get there, they can come to my house Saturday night. I only have one extra bed though. PM me with your phone number. Plenty of parking in my driveway. (fiftiesnut, if you're staying in the trailer)

Others, if you want to convoy to Springfield, IL we can meet up at the Creve Coeur Government Center around 9:15 and leave from there. PM me with a number so I'm not waiting if you decide not to show.

Great opportunity to see some great looking vehicles, including Fuzzy's custom paint job on his SSR.

There are about 11 users from Missouri on this board, I would like to see you going or hear from you! :seeya
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