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Just leased a black 05 SSR down here in South Florida, but things aren't what they should be, need some help. First the Auxillary Gages don't match up with the owners manual. The torque gage should register 0 to 400. MINE GOES FROM 0 TO 15. The outside temperature gauge should go from 0 to 120 MINE GOES FROM 100 TO 280. All the other gauges are correct. Also the AC seems to bring in outside air every couple of minutes even though the recirculation button is on. Left door speraker rattles with bass sounds. Are these typical problem with the truck? Love the way it rides. I have an 05 Vette and love the power plant.

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The dealer installed the wrong auxiliary guage package.

The 03 and 04 SSRs use one guage package, and the 05 uses a DIFFERENT one.

The 03 and 04 guages include voltmeter, gallons per hour of fuel being used, and automatic transmission temperature.

The 05 is volts, torque, and outside temperature.

Tell them the error they made, and get it replaced with the correct one.

Jim G
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