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Knocking off the ugly for a cheap upgrade 4 bolt rear brace

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I had an old Trail Blazer 4 bolt brace laying around I got from the U Pick a Part salvage yard and decided to knock off the ugly real quick hit it with a little primer and paint and put it under the Red Headed Step Child for a cheap and easy upgrade.
The Trail Blazer brace I think they charged me about $10 for it with entrance fee and the part. I probably used up a sanding pad so another $1.50 there. Some left over spray paint figure $5 for it and maybe a half hour time cleaning it up. I can't charge myself for my time so I figure I have less than $20 in this upgrade. Well I will need to get some longer bolts so it may push it to about $25 total. So the price just went up on the truck now.

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This one is going under my red truck, that I will be selling. So not worth the extra costs versus the benefit for this one. This truck will never be a show truck and most likely not anyone looking under to see the difference between powder coating and Rustoleum paint.
Mine will never be a show truck either but I've found powder coating to be a quick simple solution that gives me a better finish without the work or the wait. Wipe the dirt off... deliver it to the Powder Coat shop... Pick it up the next day ready to install.
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