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For those of you who have used Kook's headers, did they come with the female flange to connect to the existing pipe?

I couldn't believe that mine didn't.

I got Ilsa to the shop for her exhaust system to be finished after the header install, and the mech asked where the flange was. When I checked with the installers, they checked their initial order and noticed that the flanges were not included. REALLY?

So after a few hours of searching locally, then communicating with Kook's (the Kook's flange is two-bolt while most are three-bolt), I almost got the flanges ordered before the magic hour of 5:30 hit and my assistance suddenly disappeared. Hopefully, I'll confirm the order tomorrow.

Ready for another one? When they sent my order for my confirmation, there was a notice that the bolts were not included. WHAT! First, the headers are sent without the flanges, then the flanges are sent without the bolts? What kind of group is this?

Eventually, a tech dude came on to help me out where the saleslady could not. We got the correct flanges (3" to 2.5") set up; and when I asked him about the bolts, he said they were sent with the headers. The headers were sent with flange bolts, but not the flanges? EH? The installers (an hour away) still had the flange bolts and are sending them to me. I wish they would have noticed that there were no flanges.

Is this the way it has gone for everyone?

P.S. Ilsa has a custom true dual exhaust system all the way back.

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Sadly this is becoming a common story line when dealing with online orders. :crying: If YOU don't ask the correct questions or tell them EXACTLY what you need / want, it's a crap shoot on the results. Sorry, but this to will pass and you will soon be hearing all those horses thunder down the hwy.:grin2:

Note: Happily this doesn't happen when dealing with "Simple Engineering":grin2:
"Long may you run"
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