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So while you were at the Lansing plant festvities, did you talk to an employee? Ask a few questions? Get a few answers?

I would like to hear what you found out.

Here is what I found out (and it isn't that much because I was just so busy doing something..that's why I want to know what you found out)

Item 1) I talked to an employee who was telling me that she was on a team that fixed the fit of where the front fender, lower front fender and door came together.
I had not really noticed that there was an issue there. She showed me where there was an offset (not even an 1/8 inch I think) (I know I should have a picture of the area I'm talking about....I'll see if I can add it later). She said that was now fixed for the 2006's. I thought that this was a VERY minor detail and was surprised that they had a team to try and fix it.

Item 2) Again the same employee told me that she worked on the team that developed the rear fender guards. She said that you would not believe the effort that went into designing those. She said they are attached with adhesive (which has been noted on this site before).

Item 3) I heard this from someone who heard this, so I hope I'm getting it right.
The quality control guy did not know about the tops cutting into the padding in the top storage area. Maybe we could have a liason between our site and the quality control guy to inform him of the issues that we have so that he is more informed (what do you think about that Marc?)

Item 4) I got to talk to some computer guys (I'm a computer guy). I was hoping that they were going to be the guys who programmed our SSRs, but they turned out to be facility programmers. They worked on the computer systems that get the SSR built. They said that they work hard up front and then just tweak stuff as the MY goes on.

So if you have a good employee story, post it here!

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I talked to a painter, who said they where going to be painting orange in 6 months. he was not looking forward to that color applacation. I asked one person how many employees had SSR's ... he knew of one ... ouch! I asked during the tour when they added the ting to the drive shaft, ... he smiled and said that the ting is added to the shaft before they get them. :)

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Talked To .....

Three painters each of whom confirmed that they were currently working on some other tu-tone fade options. Gave them a few tips on doing fades (even using robots to spray them).
We also discussed the current tu-tone and the hassel of lining up the colors with each of the separate panels. Demonstrated the eaiest way to apply a straight line tu-tone in a factory situation ( pulled out some 2" tape from behind my seat and laid a straight line for them down the side of mine right there in the show area).

Spoke with a repair team, who noticed that my center console lock was missing. I explained that the wife used it one day and it wouldn't open for her. When I went to try it, I found the cyliner pushed inside of the opening at an angle. The new part had not arrived at my dealership before I left for the homecoming. They told me they had redisigned the lock mechanism and would bring one outy for me. A short time later they did just that. They siad they would have taken it into the plant ot install it, but didn't want to take a chance on scratching the artwork on the console (understandable).

Spoke with numerous other employees about how long it took to paint it and how in my right mind could take the SSR and completely disassemble it paint it and then reassemble it again. Told them that many people just call my crazy for doing that, bt for my it's just fun.

Also spoke with a repair team member about the flat radiator hose issue,and they were going to make a note if it and look into the issue, and hopefully find a fix for it.

Most everything we disussed was on a positive note, with a wish that they continue to produce the SSR long into the future.

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When we were lining up to drive over to the Heritage Museum I had a problem with my roof. The roof retracted into the compartment but the cover wouldn't close. After several attempts I decided to leave it up.
At the museum I spoke with Bob Walczyk about the problem. He said to see him at the LCC on friday and we would have someone look at it.
On Friday Bob found me and brought over some of the techs. The problem was found to be the piston and switches that send signals back to let the computer know the roof is retracted. They didn't think it would be possible to change things out at that time, so we decided that they would get in touch with my dealership and make sure they had the part (that's doubtful) and if not it would be sent and waiting for me when I got home. I was happy with that solution.

Well.... This morning I called my dealer to set an appointment and they had no knowledge of anything being sent to them or anyone there getting a call from LCC. Since they don't know the part I need, they can't order it until I come in on Friday. The parts guy would work with me and get the part if I knew exactly what to order but I don't have part numbers. Now I have to wait.

If anyone from the LCC is reading this... What Happened??????

Follow up:
I was at the dealer this morning. Apparently LCC contacted the service manager at the dealership. He never talked with anyone else. Thats why nobody I talked with knew anything. The needed part has not arrived yet. Not sure if LCC shipped it or not.
LCC.. Thank you, you did your part :thumbs
Now it is sit and wait for the part to arrive. Direct ship from manufacturer.
One good thing in all this. One of the mechanics has completed a course in servicing the roof on an SSR. He was all excited about putting his knowledge to work.
So until the part arrives I still can't go topless.
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