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I bought mine at and they were shipped to a local participating tire store (Pep Boys) who called me when they came in, made an appointment and had them installed and balanced.
My last three tire purchases have been from! Two for the SSR and 1 purchase for my other truck. SimpleTire is a great company with superior customer service, low tire prices, new date-code tires, free shipping to your installer or your home. They actually answer the phone and have very friendly customer service reps. Also, for $24/tire, you can prepay the mounting and balancing.

I bought the Atlas Force UHP tires in 255/45R19's in front ($112/ea) and 315/35R20 rears ($135/ea) ... they didn't have the 295 rears in stock at the time. Love these tires, great all-weather tire with an aggressive tread pattern. They ride comfortably with no noticeable road-noise and you can't beat the prices on

The website is easy to navigate and you can see EVERY SIZE and PRICE they have in a selected brand/model on ONE page.
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