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Here's a few:

- Use 'em as a frizbee??
- Cutting string
- Snow shovel
- Fixin' a hole in a door

Enjoying life as it comes
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Decorate The Garage Wall With Them.

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o.t baseball

kwhopper89 said:
Yeah - slide into them....

Baseball is BACK!!!

Go Giants...
Manager "Our game is to hit them where they aint." meaning between the fielders.

Player "I hit em out of the park, they aint out there are they?"

The Babe having a difference of opinion about how the game should be played.
(as I misremember something from a bio I read back in the 5th or 6th grade)

Why that last post triggered that memory I don't know. Maybe by hitting them out of the park means not having to slide into the plate.
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