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Lifter Noise on Startup

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I'm not sure if this is peculiar to the 6 liter or not but I've noticed some lifter noise / clatter when I first start the engine. THis is a daily driver so it doesn't sit for long periods of time. My thought is that the valve lash adjustment is not quite what it should be since the hydraulic roller lifters should bleed down that much overnight. Haven't been to the dealer yet so I thought I could get some good info here first.

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Lifter noise on start up

It might be an isolated problem but I think you just might be hearing the normal sounds of the LS1-LS2 motors. The tended to have some piston "slap" on cold morning start ups. I had a 2000 C5 with the LS1 and this was a common problem talked about on the C5 NET site. I didn't have as much problem as others but I never drove my C5 when it was cold out. I did however experience a bent push rod after I missed a 3-4 upshift at the local drag strip one night. I bumped the rev limiter when I missed 4th gear but on an upshift that should have protected the engine. It was very slight and the only reason I knwe what happend was the additional ticking sound from the valve train. No engine miss or lack of performance, just more noise. With only 2,600 miles on the car I was upset with myself to say the least (in went a new shifter!). The good news was the dealer took care of it without asking any questions but after that I was really afraid of mising a shift. Be VERY careful you don't grab the wrong gear on a downshift sometime - that causes physical over rev which can go much higher than the rev limiter protects from on an upshift. They might have addressed the weak push rods when the went from the LS1 to the LS2 but I'm not sure. Someone else might know more and I'll check the C6NET site to see if there is any news there.

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