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Hello everyone, I have watched and read postings for sometime and have thought I'd let everyone know also what I have noticed with my 04 SSR. I purchased it in Nov.04 and currently have 2300 miles. I too have the white powder underneath the engine hood, the transmission tinging is there also. The number 2 setting on the fan has a wobbling noise. Sometimes alittle rough idling after a 20/30 miles ride when coming to a stop but then disappears. I've read from others about too much Bass in the sound ssytem, for me I just tuned down the bass and I'm ok with it. I have had an issue with returning the factory SSR cover twice. Although its advertised as an "all weather" cover mine twice has split at the front seems to the right of the SSR emblem. I also have alittle water to enter at the top of both door windows ( not enough to matter) nvertheless its there. Other than that I love it and couldn't imagine me being without it, I am 55 yrs old and it brings back so many memories.

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Welcome to the site... and maybe soon to be the " tink " club! :lol
We all have lots of problems, but we still love our SSR'S !!!!
This site can help you out alot.
You can do a search and find out about these problems and how they were fixed.
I'm starting to think it is just the personality of my SSR! Her roof rubs some cable when you put it up or down, her replacement driveshaft is tinking again, she is now not letting my husband open his door to leave. :lol
But I still would not trade her for any other kind of perfect vehicle!!!! :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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