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Looking for a new '04 SSR

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I'm living in Belgium - Europe and on a bussiness Trip to Los Angeles & Phoenix from Feb 4th. till 13 th.

Looking to buy a new or low mileage Rico Silver ( only ! ) '04 SSR. I'll drive it away from the dealership and take care of the export myself.

Please offers from dealers in the Los Angeles to Phoenix region on my e-mail : [email protected]
or members advise on best dealers to contact through this thread.

I consider buying anywhere in the USA if worth rescheduling.

Thank you,

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Try the Following


Try going to Look under the "Used" section. When they ask you for a zip code use 91016. When they ask you for a distance (within "X" miles of that zip code) select "All". That will show you the cars that are listed around the US. Also you will see the current milege, color, asking price and contact information.

You may also want to look on Ebay. Go to Some people on ebay are offering two silver vehicles as shown below:

1) Item 4518005543, Silver, has 94 miles, costs $36575.00 US (if you select "Buy it Now") and is located in Delavan, Wisconson.

2) Item 4523580764, Silver, has 3225 miles, coss $35500.00 US (if you select "Buy it Now") and is located in Lilburn, Georgia.

I hope you get what you want! Good Luck and see you on the road (if you are in the US). Otherwise, have fun with it in Europe!

Eric :seeya :thumbs
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