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Hi guys,

Would anyone have a set of the underhood SSR letters for sale, or even a suggestion on where I might find them? I’ve had my R for 5 months and have been sprucing it up and the underhood area is my next project. Any help is appreciated.

Brian :silver:

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There are a number of Fanatics on the site that make Under Hood Letters. You'll be able to find them in Stainless or Aluminum.

Check out: Dragon2U:
vetteman62: a vendor on the site for Florida Stainless Accessories: I didn't see any underhood letters on his ebay store but you can check with him.

I have a set from DakotaDocMartin - I don't see that he has a current ebay listing.

I am sure that others on the site have high quality parts. If not, I am sure they wouldn't be here long. I have purchased numerous items from Dragon2U and can vouch for the quality of his products.

Happy Shopping

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