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I could really use some help. I'm wanting to get an SSR. Been looking for about 8 months. I want the LS2 a nice 2005 or 2006 (Aqua Blur or Blue respectively.) I take really good care of all my cars but I intend to make the SSR my daily driver and enjoy the heck out of it. I found one in WA. It's been for sale a little while on eBay first (Oregon) and now on Craigslist (Washington). Sadly, the ad mentions selling due to a death in family. I don't know if it was the owner and I don't have the nerve to ask. But that would explain why it was in Grants Pass, Or in April and Now it's in Washington. I would need to fly in from Idaho and look at it and hopefully drive it home. It has around 47,000 miles, memory heated seats, console gauges with silver pod ( I noticed like the running boards some gauge pods are body color some are silver. Does that mean anything?), carpeted cargo area with slats, hard saddle bags and cargo net/bar. It has an aftermarket windscreen, stereo, chrome grill slats and mustache bar, chrome engine dress up w/LED's and body colored running boards. Seems fair priced at low $20k. Is anyone familiar with this SSR? Or does anyone have any advice for a first time SSR buyer they'd be willing to share? Thanks. Looking forward to joining the ranks of SSR Fanatic.


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