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Lost the Battle

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Well guys, I lost the battle with the "wife" police. Was setting up to get the '05 aqua blua and had to take the wife for the final approval. Well, I tried my best. Everything going good until the salesman of all people mentioned to her that there was no spare tire. Well, now I know how it feels when the walls fall down upon ya with the look the wife gave me. I asked salesman if he could switch the tires to the same as the corvette uses and said no way can you do that because of weight. So, I believed that part. Wife continued on only being two seats which I convinced her before we arrived at dealership that it wouldn't be a proble, we still had another car if needed to accompany other poassengers. But the no spare tire thing blew the cork off. I tried in vain. No luck.
So, for the past three weeks I've been driving around in my new GTO '05. I went to a dealership and did a dealer trade for the color I wanted. Midnight Blue and all is well with the wife, 4 seats and a spare tire. I have to admit, there's a whole lotta power in the GTO. Doesn't get the stand out looks as the SSR but when I first drove my salesman for a joy ride , some guy driving along side of us had his cell phone camera taking pics of the GTO. Not bad for a car that ddin't go a mile yet. Had a couple of little things go wrong so far, dealer fixed it up and no more problems. The big thing is when I start the GTO the SEG gets wider and wider. The exhaust note on it is awesome.
Well, just let you guys know what happened. I enjoy this room and still read all the talk in hear. Good luck with all your SSR's. And if anyone is considering one, get it. It's a fun car (truck) to drive.

Devil :reddevil
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Have fun with the GTO.... I guess I am lucky as the wife knows that my car is mine and hers is hers.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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