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Has anyone installed a LS1 intake on their SSR? Any problems with the install or special things that had to be done to modify it? I was under the impression it is a direct fit and bolt-in.

Any help is appreciated!

LS-! intake

i did not switch the intake but i switch the complete engine by a crated LS-6.
to make sure that all the components will fit(a\c,power stering and all)i trans-
fered everey pulleys and brackets from the original engine to find out at the end
that the throtle body will not clear the top of the water pump .
the LS-! intake is probably the same hight of the
LS-6 so i don't recommand to try-it.
my SSR was a 2003,i don't know if yours is a 2005

you probably read the article that was saying that if you
switch the intake from a LS-2 you would gain H.P.

I said my SSR WAS a 2003;after the complete trans-
plant was done and the computer modified,I had a probleme that was not resolved. when Iwas comming to a stop or a red light,Iwas losing the signal
betwen the computer and the gas pedal.the car is back to original and will be
sold, Iorder a 2005 manual.

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why change it , the truck intake makes more power down low in the
power band where you need it. Testing has been done on this and
the 6.0L truck intake is better than LS1 including aftermarket ones.
What are you trying to achieve by doing this ?

LS-1 intake

Kermit said:
How much room does the TB need to clear? Could a spacer work or was it the manifold that was touching the water pump? Could the water pump be switched to the LS1?

I am sorry,Isaid that the throtle body would interfer with the water pump;but it
will interfer with the alternator.
If you realy want to instal the LS-1 intake you would
probably have to go with a cable drive TB,that was on a 2002 Camaro or Firebird.
Be prepare for electrical modifications at the TB.
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