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If looking at LS Edit, be aware that as of a few weeks ago, their software did NOT yet handle any of the Chevy TRUCKS. I think it "imminent" though.

But, you should also look at HP Tuner and EFILive.

Both of these have good websites, and EFILive even allows you to download a locked version of their software that shows you the look and feel while preventing actual configuration. More importantly, the software includes a COMPLETE version of their users manual under the "Help" menu. This will show you how you use the software.

I compared all 3 packages, and personally felt the EFILive was the one for me, all things considered (interface capabilities, ease of use, built in help, interface cable USB versus serial, licensing terms, upgradeability, etc)

ALL of these packages are very complex to use PROPERLY. And, even the pros have not yet figured out the built in torque management, traction control, and electronic throttle control limitations and controls that GM built in to "protect us" against improved performance. This is a "work in process" until someone with the required detailed knowledge steps forward.

Jim G
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