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Specs in Service Manual: 103 lb ft/140 N-m


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Lug Nut Specs


thank you for the torque specs.

I do have more questions:

- Where can I get a shop manual for the truck

- Can the roof opening mechanism be adjusted as my roof cover runs
against the cover of the cargo area and already scratched off some of the paint
So the rear end of the roof cover would to lower a little more than it does. Are
there screws that can be adjusted or is it a hydraulic matter ??

- Where/how can the keys be programmed for a specific driver

- How is the chrome molding in the front attached to the headlights ?
Is it possible that they use a "burr" band adhesive cloth band ?

Thanks for your help.

Alex :ssr

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I assume that it is the flipper door that is rubbing on the tonneau cover. If this is the case then yes you can adjust it by opening the flipper door to the straight up position then turning off the key. With the door open you eill find four nuts on studs under the main door. With a 13mm wrench you can loosen these, one side at a time, and adjust the flipper door forward.

The keys are not what sets the seat positions, but the remote key FOB does. TYo set the seat positions,there is are two number buttons on the side of the drivers seat. Once you have the seat in position for driver one press and hold the number one button for about three seconds. Repeat this proceedure for driver number two, but use button number two this time. At this time when ever you use the remote lock (#1 or #2) to unlock the vehicle, it will automatically set the seat positions for whom ever is driving.

The front satin bar is attached with two 7mm bolts near the inside corner under the hood, and with pressure clips along the bar towards the headlights where it is velcroed on the lights. Might be worth removeing it to see just what the problem is.

For the service manual, you may want to try

Hope this helps.

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Seat positions

The seat positions aren't the only thing set when you set the seats. Radio preset buttons are also changed...just in case driver one and two listen to different stations. :seeya
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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