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Well it's been 2000+ miles since I picked my new 05 Aqua Blur last Saturday in Auburn, IL. I am having a blast driving this dream back to Kah LI Forn Nee AH. As our Governator calls it.

I did notice that the temp gauge did start to creep past 230 degrees as we were stop and go at 20mph through Yellowstone Park. Cars ould come to a complete stop in the middle of the road every time some one saw a Buffallo or when one wanted to cross the road. There must be 100,000 Buffalo in Yellowstone. It took all day to get through the park!

The winding and twisty roads on the Chief Joseph hiway were just what the doctor ordered to really get to work the 6spd, clutch and accelerator. Three words, FUN,FUN,FUN! But alas, all good thing must come to an end. About 500 mi or so to Reno, then on home to Redding in 3 1/2 hours. Will post some pics later.. :leaving
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