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Just a note to say that I will bring a few parts (list below) and will also bring tools and parts to accomplish repairs of fuse box and speedometer (only have enough parts for one) if needed. My time there is primarily for enjoyment so I will not offer to remove the parts (there should be a ton of assistance there for that) but I will offer my tools, time and skills in repairs if needed. Please make contact with me PRIOR to removing the parts so we can schedule and coordinate the repair.

Door sill billet cover
Under hood billet latch plate
Tailgate billet handle cover (flamed)
Door side billet cover
Cowl billet covers
Door billet corner triangle covers
Alternator bracket billet cover
OEM glove box handle
OEM rear gold emblem
Complete SSR shift cable
2007 CONCEPT SSR shotgun exhaust tips
OEM Custom polished windscreen
OEM Custom polished cargo LED bar
Aluminum radiator expansion tank
Large raw billet SSR letters
New Bright SSR with remote - non running
Chrome AC knobs
Satin AC knobs
Chrome radio surround
OEM chrome shift handle
Fuse box billet trim
Coin / drink tray removal tool
Seat bumpers
Fram Air Hog gauze filter (K&N style)
2005 SSR dealer brochure
2006 SSR dealer brochure
2006 dealer full line brochure
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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