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Magnacharger users

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I have a question for people using the MagnaCharger, I thought it came with everything but see it has no air cleaner or boost gauge, What air clearner are you using and does anyone know if they make a boost gauge that fits in with the other SSR gauges on the floor, Like the gallons per hour, I am having everything powder coated to match the supercharger, Should look wild if I ever get it done
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The gauges are all on a printed circuit board - I think trying to replace one gauge would be very difficult - you would probably end up tossing everything except the satin gauge pod.

If the Dakota Digital tire pressure monitor gauge is shallow enough, I may try to remove the GPH gauge - let you know if it can be done.

If you look at my pictures of the 03 you will see all three guages replaced. autometer makes a line that had the satin chrome bazel only thing different was the color of the needle. it was red/orange. volt, boost, and fuel pressure is what i put in. looked very good. like was said, you can not change just one guage. :thumbs :flag :seeya
Actually you can change one gauge. What you have to do is take out the circuit board and remove the center gauge. Install The new boost gauge in the center spot. When you go to attach the circuit board to the gauge posts you just have to bring the circuit board out further as not to make contact with the back of the new gauge. As far as a new air intake you keep the existing front cover but you change the back part of the intake, it is molded as to allowit to form around the upper radiator hose. I hope this helps. Mike
Thanks for the replys, I just couldn't find a place I liked for the boost gauge other than on the floor
Wanted to say I typed out what everyone said and took it with me to the shop, With a picture of BobA's and gave it to the guy doing the work on my SSR, Man that sliver powder coated super charger looks good, He is power coating things around the charger in yellow and sliver, Going back tomorrow he has more ideals to break me and make more HP, Should be ready to dyno Friday and he has a pass to the NHRA strip and one of the guys that work for him just got a brand new GTO and that could be a hole new thread
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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