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After some work this weekend, I come to find that my voltage controller is faulty.
Digital Multi input voltage controller by MAGNUSON PRODUCTS
Anyone have one, or know of a place to purchase one, or, can it be repaired?
I contacted Magacharger, and they are if no assistance.
Any leads would be appreciated.

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The Magnavolt units have poor reliability. They are no longer available (at least 5 years now) and are not worth repairing.

Contact the boys at Superchargers OnLine. Here’s a link to their web page:
SuperchargersOnline, Worlds largest Supercharger Resource. Get Serious About Power

They will be able to help you.

You will need to do some re-wiring of your fuel pump system, since the replacement unit can draw more power than the OEM fuel pump fuse and wiring can provide. I have started running a relay with a separate (higher amperage) fuse from the power bus. The boys at SC Online will be able to guide you.


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