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Ghostrider said:
I spoke to Dino today at Action AutoSports in Lake Forest, he's willing to work with us on the MagnaFlow system and with Wheels (they specialize) as well as lowering kits! You can call him at 949-540-1406 here in southern California. He quoted me $838.00 installed with tax on the MagnaFlow Catback system, sounds like a good deal! He also does the lowering kits with Bell Tech.

I don't think that is a good price! Three weeks ago I had a MagnaFlow cat back system installed in my 05 for $550.00. They used a 14" flow thru muffler. I can get the part # on Tuesday if interested. They cut the old muffler out and welded in the new one. They salvaged most of the stainless exhaust pipe. Where necessary the added new stainless pipe. When finished they removed the factory tips and added 5" tips. I feel it fills the opening better. At my request, the tips were also extended about 1/2" beyond the body.
I love the look and sound of the system. Unfortunatly I never took pics from underneath.
Everything was welded using stainless wire. As I said, 0ver $800 seems to be alot of money. I even saw a magnaflow system on e-bay for the same price as I paid. Only difference was you do all the work and everything was put together with clamps. Not the best idea for a quiet ride.

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