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Just to add The Doophus's Two Cents Worth . . .

Way back in May of 2010 . . . Thanks to the information and endorsements at the great and relatively frequent Tech Sessions in Phoenix, I had the MagnaFlow Cat Back System installed and was planning to add Mike's Exhaust Tips. Once I witnessed and drove The Doophus with the new MagnaFlow System including the MagnaFlow Exhaust Tips, I decided "maybe later?"

Now after TWELVE PLUS YEARS, the same system with the exhaust tips that were included with the package are still performing flawlessly and looking great. Nothing but very positive comments on the GREAT EXHAUST SOUND as well as the GREAT LOOKS.

After thinking about this thread overnight, I just checked The Doophus's Butt and there are No Burns or Boo-Boos anywhere around the exhaust tips whatsoever.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts