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Mass airflow sensor

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On the mass airflow sensor there is a screen, on the Highpo mass airflow sensors I have seen there isn't. Is the only difference between the two being the screen?

If the screen is the only difference, why not remove the screen for better performance.

Any Mech's or Gearheads out there that can answer this one?
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53wanab said:
Hey HD,

I recently installed a Granetelli MAF sensor on my 03 and there are significant differences between the two.
First, there was no screen on my 03.Second, there is a plenum or separator on the stock unit that takes up quite a bit of room in the bore. and third, It's what you can't see, "it's all in the electronics" so says my LS1 guy at the speed shop.Supposedly theres some special electronic package tha does wonderful things to the injector timing and such.
I don't have access to a dyno but, the seat of my pants tells me there's quicker throttle response and the tires light up easier.

Where did you purchase the MAF and which part number is for the SSR?

53wanab said:
Here it is. I bought the unit at Speed Unlimited here in Maryland,But you can order them on the web.It is a Granetelli MAF part#350115.I got it on sale for $329.00.

Thanks Craig!!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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