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Congrats to our May Ride of the Month winner...
SSR Trouble

#1 Front Hood Shot with Chamelion Metal Flake Ghost Flames
#2 Front Side Shot....More Flames....but notice the exhaust header pipes...
Are they straight.....or are they curved ???
#3 Backside Side Shot....More Flames.....but notice the exhaust
header pipes.....Are they Straight...or are they Curved ???
3D Graphics on #2 & #3
#4 Inside Engine Compartment ......More flames on the underside
of the hood, plus more flames on the engine cover.
#5 Inside Cab (Waterfall) For those of you who have not seen her before:
That is what "Trouble" looks like !!
Check out the detail in the graphics.
Front & Rear Spoilers
Pinstriping all around, (check out hood & tailgate)

Trouble is loaded with electronics....AM/FM, CD/DVD (on a 7" Screen) Navagation w/GPS, Step by Step Directions, Heads up Display, Sirius/XM, BlueTooth, Pandora, Spotify, Front and Rear Cameras, Hands free Telephone,USB connection
to your iphone.... 2- 1000 watt Kicker amplifiers, 4 mid range cross-overs, 2-8" free floating woofers in the trunk, and 8 speakers in the cab.
Radar Detector and Reflector (Detects incoming radar, and sends outgoing Laser. 6 different motion and infrared motion alarm detectors.
Interior Stainless has been replaced with chrome

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Congrats to Trouble for his beautiful SSR and a big shout out to all the entrants.
Looking forward to what new entrants June brings.
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I just wanted to say Thank You to Everyone.
Trouble, made her first debut at Laughlin and
Later at Daytona. I was surprised by
the responses that I got on her.
I want to say that I was
impressed by all the other R's that I have seen.
Each one being decked out to fit the personalty
of their owners.
But I want to thank everyone that made both Neale & I feel
so welcome.

I am just Thank full to be part of the new family that
we just became a part of.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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