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Who will be the May 2023 Ride of the Month - Out and About?

  • Stlhotrod - post #3

    Votes: 11 23.4%
  • 04 PurpleHaze - post #8

    Votes: 9 19.1%
  • bluenoser - post #14

    Votes: 7 14.9%
  • copper799 - post #17

    Votes: 7 14.9%
  • prestcottHills - post #18

    Votes: 2 4.3%
  • Garris1 - post #20

    Votes: 6 12.8%
  • Legallyblonde0626 - post #22

    Votes: 5 10.6%

May 2023 SSR Photo Challenge - Out and About

3039 Views 46 Replies 17 Participants Last post by  Garris1
As of 26 MAY 2023 - 7:23 CDT the poll is open!
Here are the links directly to the participants entries:

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copper799 - May 2023 SSR Photo Challenge - Out and About
PrescottHills - May 2023 SSR Photo Challenge - Out and About
Garris1 - May 2023 SSR Photo Challenge - Out and About
Legallyblonde026 - May 2023 SSR Photo Challenge - Out and About
shakatak - Withdrawn on 28 MAY 2023. Removed from poll.

Original post follows below:

Welcome to our first grassroots ROTM challenge. This is the first in what we hope are many challenges that will be run by the members.
  • Rules of the Month:
    • One personally taken picture of your R at least 100 miles or 1 hour from home and tell us where it was taken.
    • A write up of why your R should be considered as ROTM can be added with your picture or later on In this thread (e.g. In keeping with the theme, years owned, modifications, etc.)
    • Entries are limited to new potential winners only. No previous ROTM winners this month please.
  • Solicitation of votes should be done in this thread
  • A first place tie will be resolved by coin flip witnessed by another fanatic (in person or virtually).
  • Basic Rules:
    • Members MUST have at least 20 posts.
    • Voting will take place towards the end of the month.
  • If you should win:
    • You are responsible for setting the ”Rules of the Month” for the following month - Please keep it simple and open to any fanatic.
    • If the “rules of the month” aren’t chosen within a week of when you win, they will be chosen by another member (e.g. active fanatic, or a previous winner, etc) so we can setup the thread for the next month. I'll reach out to the winner via a Conversation, so that I can setup the following month.
    • If you've won, you cannot enter that R for the rest of the year (at least, it depends upon the Rules of the Month); however, if you have a second SSR that meets the criteria, you can enter that R.
  • What do you “win”?
    • Bragging rights - For example: My SSR was ROTM - April 2023
    • Badge on your profile. - Thank you @Marc NY
    • Most importantly - Seeing others Rs, what they’ve done with them, showing your own and the camaraderie we experience as being a member of this forum

Example for this month:
<I have no idea what happened to the picture, as it is still attached but no longer shows up>
Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Car Land vehicle

This picture was taken on our first trip to Stonehenge a number of years ago in Ingram, Texas. It was a great trip with what became our favorite traveling partners and likely where the phrase, "Follow the red truck" was coined.
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I will jump right in and only fitting to post my first SSR. My black 04 that was given to me by my wife for Christmas in 2017. This picture was taken at the Welcome Center in Texas at State Highway 69/75 as you come into Texas from Oklahoma. It was a Saturday around 5 pm when this was taken. This was the longest trip I had taken in this one at this time.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Sky

I told my wife I was going to go pick up some parts and would be back later. She asked where I was going and I said a little south of Springfield. The reason for the little white lie was if I told her I was going to Texas, she would have wanted to go along and visit her parents who lived in Texas then but we were both still in Missouri.

I had seen an add for a pair of running boards on Face Book Market place. The picture was kind of bad. It showed the end of the boxes stacked one on top of the other. The description was not very well written something along the lines of side steps with the part numbers and the picture of the box only. No pictures of the boards them selves.

I messaged the guy for a better picture and sure enough a pair of NOS in the box boards. I asked if I could pick them up the next day around 6-6:30. He said sure. I sent him a message the next morning around 7:30 sending him my phone number. He got it and responded with "Dude that is a Missouri number you know I am in Texas?" I said yeah so I can be there around 6 will that work? He said yeah and off I went.

My 04 is pretty much stock, except I upgraded the hood to struts ones off @oldxr parts truck, along with the wiper arms. I swapped the door panels to later versions from some I bought from Cleveland. I updated the air cleaner to the 05 air cleaner.

It also had some interior trim pieces upgraded with new satin parts and some weather strips I got from Mike Byers.

This truck got me started and I still have it, but drive it less then my Blur. It rides good on stock suspension, upgraded with new shocks, upper control arms, Trail Blazer 4 bolt cross bar, Cooling system upgrades. It has an after market fan and all new hoses. I thought about selling it but I still have it.

And as for my wife giving it to me for Christmas. Well she went to the dealer and signed the paper work for it, but did not put any money down on it. She said I owed my mother in law $1000 for the title and taxes. Merry Christmas.
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Clarification please. Previous winners, is that per person or per vehicle?
  • If you've won, you cannot enter that R for the rest of the year (at least, it depends upon the Rules of the Month); however, if you have a second SSR that meets the criteria, you can enter that R.
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Bumping this back to the top. Come on Folks get involved and participate. If you don't things like this will fade away. Being the R of the Month is bragging rights. If it fades away the new members will never know about it.

So pick your favorite story, pick your favorite color, heck I don't care if you pick a number out of a hat, just please be involved and keep this feature going.

This is something for the members, so step up and vote, maybe next month you will be in the running. And as a bonus the winner gets to pick the next months idea so get involved and be a part of something as big as this. VOTE.
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Thank you @TXNSSR for stepping up to keep this going.
Also a BIG thank you to everyone who participated and voted for everyone.
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Congratulations @Stlhotrod.
Thank you. I am proud to have won this and hope to bring a fun and good theme for the next month.
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Congratulations Bruce.(@Stlhotrod )Show that trophy to your wife and maybe she'll let you buy a fourth one. 🤣🤣🤣🤣.
You are behind on the count, the red headed step child is number 4. But I have to admit I will be better when I get done to only 2 trucks. It is a lot of work to keep up with all of them.
My bad. Just can't keep up with you. 😃😃😃
It's part of getting old, we forget. You should see me trying to keep track of the keys and which one goes to which truck.
I really do appreciate this and also want to thank all of the others who took part in it as well as those who took the time to read our little tags that went with our pictures. I have been a member here for several years and some times I would join in on the ROTM and other times I would see themes or pictures that I never thought any of my trucks would be worthy of competing with.

I hope we can keep this going and both the regulars and the folks who have never won and those who maybe have not competed before will join in. I hope everyone will take time to enjoy your SSR and take more pictures when you find your self in a unique place or setting. There are several places to show your pride and joy, so join in and have some fun. Between the ROTM and the mural challenge, there is also a post about signs, post up your pictures and if you want just start a post with your pictures.

Again Thank You to all.
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