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Maybe our SSRs are NOT that (relatively) heavy!

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I just read the May-June issue of Road & Track Speed, and it is notable for 2 articles: one that compares 6 sporty sedans, and another that put 4 pickup trucks, including an 05 SSR, on a roadracing track to see how they do against sportcars!

Several notable outcomes:

1. The trucks were more fun than the testers thought they would be

2. If you think the SSR is heavy (4770 lb for the one they tested), check out the Dodge SRT-10 (5180 lb) (see chart on page 86 of the issue)

3. Of the 6 sports sedans they tested, which included
Audi A6
BMW 545i
Cadillac CTS-V
Chrysler 300C SRT-8
Infinity M45
Lexus GS430
The LIGHTEST one was 3840 lb (The Lexus), AND ALL except the BMW had inferior weight DISTRIBUTION compared to the SSR! (see chart on page 72 of the issue)

4. The article on the pcikups praised the handling and overall feel of the SSR

Check it out.

Jim G
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Mine doesn't shimmy and I hardly ever slow down:lol :lol

On a side note: My uncle bought a Chrysler Crossfire, he says it feels every pump and hole it hits. I haven't had the opportunity to drive it yet. Anyone else tested one?
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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