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Hi all,
Still looking for my fist truck but I do have a few questions that I don't see answered here, at least I couldn't find it........

1. If I buy a truck without the tow hitch, how hard and how much is it to get a complete factory unit installed? Are they easy to get? Part number?

2. I looked at an 03 yesterday that was priced right but there was a minor issue with the right front lower corner facsia. Looks like someone rubbed against something, it didn't take the paint off but since it's plastic it's slightly creased with 3 lines about 4 inches long. Of course I could not live with that and I don't think it can be repaired, does anyone have a part number or an estimate of what a new one would cost? If you order one does it come already painted or do I need to send it out for paint too? Part number?

3. Console shifter guages, if I buy the GM guage pack do they come with all the wiring? Do I have to rip the truck apart or are the connections fairly close to the installation area?

Thanks in advance,

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1. The receiver is standard on all SSRs. You just have to buy the hitch part and plug it in.

2. The fascia is a composite material and can be repaired.

3. The wiring for the guages is under the carpet where the guages go.

Hope this helps.
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