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Mecum Indy Results

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The SSR's have finished selling, here are the Results:
'03 Lot49 $33,000.00
'05 Lot 85 $26,400.00
'05 Lot 89.1 $46,200.00 purchased by an SSR Fanatic 6 speed with 1,000 miles
'05 Lot T33 $38,500.00 6 speed
'05 Lot S43 $30,800.00
'03 Lot S77.1 $49,500.00 (feature lot) Show Truck Modified on the TV Reality Show "Speed is the New Black"
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Thanks for the update---I forgot to track the event--
The one from the TV show, someone lost some money on that one.
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THANKS for the SSR Sales Results, Gordy . . .

Sure sounds like Good News for all of us.

! :cool: ! 👍 ! :cool: ! 👍 ! :cool: !
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Sure sounds like Good News for all of us.
Only if you're selling.
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Car Vehicle Wheel Hood Tire

Lost money?
For sure. Prior to this build it sold for $40k in 9/13 with 100 miles. Sold @ Mecum Indy 2023 $49500
I don't know the details of the Build Show, but it seems this SSR (3B100233) may have been the current 556hp 6.2L - 6sp since "virtually"new.
Beautiful Truck!
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I'm not sure if the pictures I posted above are going to show up or not, but here is the link

The truck was built in a shop here in St Louis on the TV show Speed is the new Black. The show aired I think in 2019 or 2020 and with the production of the show, it would have been built around a year previous to when it aired. They put the super charged engine in it then, with the automatic and it was upgraded to the manual after it aired on the show. I think the truck came from Florida and if memory serves me, it was a doctor that owned it and wanted more horse power from it. I knew a couple guys who worked on it and they said the show put a lot of hard deadlines on the shop to get things done. Cars that would have taken 2 years to be built, were being done in 9-11 months to fit into the schedule. Just a figure not specific to this particular truck, I was told all of the builds were in the $150,000 range, and this would have been in that big build range. That was what my earlier post of lost money was referring to. The cost to built compared to the selling price of it now.
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I suspect anyone who builds any rig customized to that extent is going to lose money when they sell now days but it sure is pretty. The rest of those prices seem good for current owners glad to see them. Thanks for posting.
FWIW. - had been following one for a couple months that just recently sold that was listed at $49,900.……….2006 Pac Blue, less than 600 miles, 6 speed. This was from a dealer not an auction. Maybe someone here Is the new owner?
I read a question about the show car, does it pass emission standards? Any answer?
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